Tuesday, October 26, 2010

ACHPER SA HPE Leaders Forum 251010: Cloud computing

Garry Putland, an IT and e-learning consultant, described cloud computing and the exciting potential it holds for sport related games teaching in physical education. Cloud computing is over-the-Internet provision of tools and aps rather than computer housed and determined tools. Instead of having to use computer based or networked software for game analysis, fundamental movement skill profiling, or digital learning portfolios teachers can use mobile phones and ipads combined with internet provided tools for anytime, anywhere teaching and learning. Imagine creating a YouTube Channel to provide assessment of and for learning through game analysis. Just one example, capture sport skill or game performance using your mobile phone camera, upload it onto your YouTube Channel, and students (and parents) can then view it and any accompanying feedback anytime, anywhere provided you have given them access to your channel. Or instead of YouTube, create a class blog, wikki or GoogleSite to achieve the same end.

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