Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Who are the history of PE and Sport in PE in Australia?

Came across NASPE's guidelines for PETE History of PE and Sport topics/courses on the net. Great list of names with a summary of their contribution to physical education - jay nash, jessie williams etc etc. Got me thinking....where is the Australian list? Who have been/are the Australian Physical Education and Sport in PE innovators and initiators....Ken Alexander & Andrew Taggart (Sport Education/SEPEP), Graham Dodd (Daily PE), Alan Launder (Play Practice), Bert Apps (birth of ACHPER), Robert Paddick (Philosophy of PE), Jan Wright (feminist persepctives), Jeff Walkley (FMS) and....
Would love to hear your thoughts and get a list started....great for a conversion at the ACHPER Conference in April.

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  1. Professor John Bloomfield was instrumental in establishing the first Australian Post Grad course in Human Movement and PE in WA and wrote a report to Australian Government that resulted in the first Australian Institute of Sport.