Coherrent complexity and teaching sport for understanding

The 27th ACHPER International conference has been and gone. What were some of the take 'home messages'?
One that struck a cord with me, for sport teaching/coaching with junior players, was the 'brain maximiser', coherent complexity, explained by Frances Donnelly. It struck a cord as it helped explain how the use of an overarching tactical problem, as the starting point for the lesson/training session design process, brings focus and coordination to the content of a session; acting as pedagogical strategy to enhance the learning environment. I believe this is demonstrated in the Tactical Games Approach lessons within Mitchell, Oslin & Griffin's Teaching Sport Concepts and Skills
and in effect what Rick Charlesworth was talking about when he described the use of designer games to train game sense
To read more about how coherent complexity maximises learning potential, and how to teach with the brain in mind,  the work of Eric Jensen is a good starting point

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