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The Game Sense Approach: 25 years on

  The Game Sense approach (GSA) was introduced to Australian sport during Australian Sports Commission (ASC) national workshops in 1996, prompting coach education providers and national sport development resources to emphasise the approach, and its embrace of increased player involvement in the coaching process. Despite that the Game Sense approach remains a foregrounded feature of the Sport Australia Playing for Life Philosophy and the pedagogical model of the Sport Australia Sporting Schools program, research on the penetration of the GSA into 'everyday' coaching and physical education teaching of the focus area of games and sport is sparse. The little research there is, and my experience as a coach educator, suggests to me that the idea of 'game sense games' as a teaching tool is prominent in many sport coaching programs, sport development courses, and physical education courses in schools and universities in Australia, however, many of us are running pretty much th

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