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Creative actions in team sports

  I recall the interview with Ernie Merrick after the game where Riley McGree used the scorpion kick to get the goal, and he said the Riley had been practicing that kick at training for weeks. This reminded me of an interview I once heard with Peter Daikos, decribed often as a 'freakish' Collingwood AFL goal kicking star of the 1980s and early 1990s, where he discussed that his talent came from hard work, preparation and practice - his 'freakishness' was a practiced ability. Similarly, teammates of more recent  'freakish' AFL goal kicking star reveal his in-game actions to be the result of hard work, preparation and practice.  Are these in-game actions creative or retrieval of a motor-ability in the moment. Memmert (2015) defined creativity in team sports  as a players sport-specific divergent thinking. Generally, divergent thinking is considered a cognitive activity. Therefore, is a creative action the player selection of a novel (as in, not the usual) movement

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