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Building a Bridge out of Covid-19 for Children, Junior and Youth Sport

Understanding the dynamics of motivation to sport is vital in developing plans to re-activate sport participation post Covid-19 restrictions. It is fairly well known that sport retention at youth level is a situation that needed to be addressed.
Childrens' Sport Parents are often the key socialiser of children into sport participation (Lewko & Greendorfer,1988). For the U10s, parents initiate sport involvement. They take their children to sport development programs and provide their children the entry point into pathway programs in sports and the volume of informal sport participation in backyards, driveways, parks and courts that sustains children’s interest in sport as a form of play. Parents role model physical activity participation by their actions. Parents ignite, maintain and sustain children’s initiation into sport. At this age, parent physical activity behaviour relates to their children’s habitual physical activity behaviour (Yang, Telma & Laakso, 1996). Children w…

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