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The Spectrum of Sport Coaching Styles

  Sometime in the early – mid 2000’s (I forget exactly), ACHPER Victoria invited me to Melbourne to keynote and workshop an event. Mitch Hewitt, who was doing his PhD thesis on tennis coaches perceived use of a game-based Game Sense approach and actual observed teaching styles, using a Spectrum of Teaching Styles analysis, heard I was going to be in Melbourne where he is based, and emailed asking to catch up. He thought I might be able to help with some questions he was having about discussing and theorising his findings.  Mitch introduced me to The Spectrum of Teaching Styles used in a sport coaching context for coach development.   Mitch and I kept in contact, discussing a Game Sense coaching approach for tennis   and The Spectrum of Teaching Styles as providing a useful insight into the diverse way the idea of  'questioning' players could occur when using a Game Sense approach. These conversations led us to wonder why The Spectrum of Teaching Styles had not been adapte

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