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Models based practice in physical education - blending models

"Hey mate, I am running a blending models in PE workshop, can you help out by delivering a practical: something on the Game Sense approach and blending in other pedagogical models?"

"No problems!" (A good bit of Australian slang there)

That workshop was today. I took risk, extended myself by developing a 'new' workshop. I decided the practical would look at the Game Sense approach through the lens of arguably the oldest pedagogical model for PE, The Spectrum of Teaching Styles (The Spectrum). In recent times, I have been immersed in The Spectrum, working with Brendan SueSee and Mitch Hewitt on a new book on The Spectrum and physical education teaching. I have blogged elsewhere about my introduction to The Spectrum (see here) and its wisdom of the professional judgement of the pedagogical astute teacher in purposefully matching teaching style to intended student learning impact. It was Brendan SueSee who forced me to look at the Game Sense approach a few yea…

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