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Sport coaching and teaching: what does a learning environment look like?

As a physical education teacher I used to think a lot about the learning environment I was creating for students. As an 'educator', I took the same 'approach' into my sport coaching. To be honest, sometimes I put more thought into the planning of the First XV111 football training than I did some of my secondary PE classes.

For the past fifteen years I have been a teacher educator and coach educator/developer. In that time, I have had the privilege and pleasure of watching a lot of lessons and coaching sessions. When you look at the 'session' through the lens of, who is doing the learning? and what learning is occurring? the familiarity and similarity between effective teaching for learning in both PE and sport coaching becomes evident.

I sometimes get asked, what do I 'look at' in evaluating my teaching and coaching, and the teaching and coaching of others? Now I will declare 'up front', I do not come from a a skill acquisition background, I am …

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