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Developing pathways to movement competence

Those familiar with my work will be aware that I work with the Game Sense approach for games and sport teaching as it has been, since the mid-1990s, the pedagogical expression for Australian sport. Since the mid-2000s it sits as the platform of the Playing for Life Philosophy of Australian sport, and more recently, the pedagogical model through which the Sport Australia Sporting Schools Program should be delivered. I work in Australia, and so I have adopted 'the Australian approach' in my teaching and coaching research. 
I have explained how the Game Sense approach works for sport coaching from a dynamic systems perspective andaffordance theory, and how the pedagogy of purposeful play through game modification to condition games for specific teaching effects sits comfortably with the pedagogical expression of a constraints-led approach. However, as a teacher and researcher in the pedagogical tradition theories are understood as only ever 'partially right' as they are al…

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