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Should PE get a 'divorce' from HPE?

In Australia, an Arnoldian (Arnold, 1979, 1985, 1988) perspective on PE has been presented as 'gold standard' and used to guide the form/domains of knowledge and substance/content of curriculum documents. While 'knowledge' is divided into the dimensions of education about, in and through movement, in an Arnoldian perspective movement skill attainment is 'preeminent'. "It is the study and practice of physical activity that renders physical education an indispensable subject in a balanced educational programme" (Kirk, 1988, p. 80).  Tinning, Macdonald, Wright and Hickey (2001) concluded that learning in movement has been the traditional area of focus for Australian physical education. Has too much emphasis shifted from teaching in PE for 'participatory objectives' to other objectives while the need for teaching for learning attainment of movement competence has never been more needed in Australia?  Arguably, the move to HPE as a learning area i

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